Any notices relating to the CRA Bumps 2016 will be posted here

Parish Notice for Wednesday Night

Last night went well albeit rather late.......everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we saw some good racing, which is what it is all about.

For tonight we MUST speed up getting crews to the start. Not just marshal on Stourbridge, Control and Railway Bridge but all the way down the start including racing marshals on their way down too. If you see a crew dawdling and not closed up to the crew in front, chivvy them along. Marshalls should not ask a crew to do something...they should tell them.

In planning best use of marshals for this year so we could cover the extra slots needed, we had to fine tune the provision of race marshals while also planning for the possibility that Roger might not have been with us for medical reasons which, fortunately, did not happen. In doing so, while we referred to crews etc per Club, the overall instruction remains unchanged namely that race marshals report to Roger - after sighing in and collecting tabards (to be returned at end of shift) - at the A14 bridge when he will decide the actual allocation.

They marshal sign-in sheets have been suitably tweaked so please remember race marshals are to take instruction from  Roger.

One Club has incurred a fine for videoing a racing crew from a bike which is strictly against the standing instructions we lay down. Last night, I saw at least two users of wheelchairs sharing the towpath with us and they are entitled to expect their safety  – together with that of the elderly and children - will be considered carefully. It would be all too easy for a sideways glance when approaching a small cluster of people behind which the view of a wheelchair, elderly person of child, would be obscured.

Any repetition tonight will incur a full fine which, to remind you, is the amount of an entry fee of £160. I am inclined to apply the same penalty to anyone riding a bike using a mobile phone while watching racing....but have yet to consult the rest of the Committee.

Tonight sees our sponsors and some long standing supporters of the CRA watching the races from the enclosure opposite First Post Corner together with the Mayor. While I am sure no one will be a sensate soul, I believe it reasonable for this showcase to Cambridge rowing to justify requiring all crews to wear tops at all times. No bare chests please funny remarks; we have heard them all before. Fines tonight.

Fines etc etc from last night will be notified separately. I have seen one fine raised last night for foul language and we will double the rate for swearing if there is any repetition tonight.

Please note that after 1.00pm – I am late today – the Bumps committee can only be contacted for routine queries at Control which is open from around 4.00pm.  None of us has a job description that says we have to use mobile devices to be in contact 24/7 and if anyone who does have such skills wishes to volunteer some of us would be only too happy to handover.

Good luck for tonight.

The first night is upon us

Not a lot to say as everyone has worked well to get a plan into place and tonight we put it all into action with what promises to be a ‘bumper’ year of good racing.

It is down to Clubs to  remind crews about all ‘housekeeping issues’...such as taking water and sun cream etc. The First Aiders are there for emergencies only.

Bank parties MUST, in conjunction with the cox, take proper control of their crews when a Bumps is made. This includes easying and holding by the crew making the Bump and rowing on, regardless of tiredness, for the boat being bumped. Both crews must then clear the river as quickly as possible.

Our wildlife marshal will be positioned in Plough Reach as starts are made at the Plough. He/she will be wearing an orange reflective top.

Good Luck!

As we move closer

Friday sees the first of our coxes and marshals meetings.


Please note numbers will be available from Nines at the coxes meetings and will remain there…so, if not collected on Friday evening, they must be collected on Monday. It is not possible to attempt to deliver any uncollected numbers to the relevant Club/crew.


Please remind your marshals/coxes that our systems can only recogniseone name per person hence those who switch between maiden and marriedname, for example, need to register as they will be recognised via their Club’s entry and on the relevant lists. Please make sure folk sign themselves in legibly; if not signed in so that we can read their name, they were not there!


Ensure that your coxes arrive early enough to allow time to sign in. If they arrive after the appointed start time, they risk not being able to sign in and may then have to attend the meeting on Monday instead. If they are late on Monday, they risk not being on the approved list...which means they do not get to take part in Bumps. 


Please remind your Club’s supporters that the towpath is a dangerous placeand that stopping on it to use a mobile phone or other handheld gizmo risksinjury unless they are standing well to one side.


If we see a cycle towing a baby buggy or the like, we will fine the Club theyare with to the maximum. There may be a ‘right’ to do something so daft….but there is alsoa ‘right’ to ride along the A14 towing such a flimsy contraption…. but I doubt many would wish toexercise that right!


Cyclists are limited to four with each crew and there will be fines if the numberis exceeded. There is to be no videoing from bikes following crews.

The position re the wild life has been clarified before.


Please remember Club organisers are the person to be contacted in your Clubfor any query relating to your Club’s participation in the event. Bumps Organisersare requested to double check the Rules and other information for marshals, aboutsafety and the topics – on the CRA’s website – before contacting me.


However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you remain uncertain on any pointwhen you have had a look at the Rules. Please ensure any query is raised long before it becomes‘an issue’ on the river or on the towpath.


Apologies for the number of ‘do nots’……some do’s.


Do see if you can find sponsors for the Beer Tree. This is a tradition we need to keep up. For offers of support or any queries, please contact Elisabeth Winkelmann at


Do encourage families, in particular, to watch Bumps from First Post Enclosure (Osier Holt) or the Plough –see the CRA’s website for details.


Don’t forget Rule 2.3:

2.3Any subsequent alterations to crews prior to 9.00 pm on the Sunday before the races must be notified to the Bumps Secretary and amended on the website as soon as they are known. They must also be notified, by e-mail, to all club organisers via the website. If not so amended, a Club will be fined the amount of an entry fee.  Any objections to the amended composition must be given to the Bumps Secretary, in writing with details of objections, by 9.00 am on the Monday before the races.


Eligibility criteria remain with only Dispensations allowed as listed on the website. Challenges to individuals in crews can still be made should information have come to light not previously declared. A challenge can be sent to the Bumps committee by 5.00pm on Sunday night.


You remain, at all times, responsible for the valid entry of all your crews which includes past history on racing etc.


Any queries can be raised with through the Bumps Committee e-mail address when one of the committee will pick it up and respond in the meantime if/as necessary.


Do encourage everyone to prepare themselves for a great week of racing knowingthey are taking part in something that is unique and continues a tradition from the 1860’s from which time Bumps as we know them have been run continuously, apartfrom the War years. It is also great fun.


All the best

Stephen Allen

Bumps Secretary