2022 Dispensations


The following dispensation requests have been submitted.  These will be considered at the delegates meeting on 9th June.


Club Full Name Date joined CRA club Reason for Dispensation Races between 1st Jan 2022 and the deadline for application for dispensation with CRA Club Races since 1st Jan 2022 for any other clubs Any Other Information Bumps Committee Comment
Cambridge 99's William Alexander Shaw 01 January 2017 Rule 2.6 N/A Rutherford, Head of the river, wallingford Sub for a night Additional information requested
Cambridge 99's Anna Elizabeth Klenerman 08 October 2017 2.5a - returning from uni to row at old club Rowed at Cambridge 99 until September 2021 - competed in on Cam races such as winter league  Rowed for Newcastle University boat club and also coxed for them - BUCS head, BUCS regatta, WEHORR   Awaiting confirmation of whether Anna was J18 in 2021 event.  If yes then this is 2.5a.  If not then 2.6
Champion of the Thames Katie Abbs 01 February 2005 2.3 Seat Share in First Division - after missing out on previous birthday festivities due to the pandemic, family and friends of Katie have arranged a bumper birthday celebration for Katie's (undisclosed, but big year) birthday on Friday night. Last year, during her birthday Katie was to be found at the side of Logan's Way sat in her rowing kit, with a party hat on her head and a slice of cake in hand. Clearly her family and friends are not aware that the best to way to spend a milestone birthday is on the river and by the boat house! Although the Champs women have offered cake by the boat house this year, Katie feels that she can't turn her family and friends down. I hope the delegates will consider Katie's request for a dispensation Winter League, Head of the Cam, Vesta None N/A  
Champion of the Thames Laura Nield 01 January 2017 2.3 Seat Share for First Division - substitution for Katie Abbs on Friday night Winter League, WEHoRR None N/A  
Cambridge 99's Agnes Prager 09 February 2017 submitting for review just in case National schools regatta, 29/05/2021, Eton Dorney Lake, in a Womens quad Ch 4x G, for the Cambridge 99's
British Rowing Junior Championships, 16/07/2021, National watersports centre, in a women's double WJ18 2x, for Cambridge 99's
Peterborough Summer Regatta, 14/08/2021, Peterborough rowing lake, in a double and a quad W J18 2x and WJ18 4x-
Teddington Head, 20/11/2021, London, in a women's 8, for the city of oxford rowing club
Wallingford head, 28/09/2021, Wallingford river, in a Women's 8, for the city of oxford rowing club
Henley 4s and 8s, 12/02/2022, at Henley, in a W8 band 2, for the City of Oxford rowing club
BUCS regatta, 01/05/2022, At the National Watersports centre, in an intermediate Women's 8, for the university of oxford women's boat club
0 Awaiting confirmation of whether Agnes was J18 in 2021 event.  If yes then this is 2.5a.  If not then 2.6
Cambridge 99's Cameron Mackenzie 01 January 2014 I think I don't need a dispensation under 2.5a but am double checking. I rowed with nines as a junior and raced bumps once(2017 M5), and brit champs three times (2019, 2018, 2016). I'm now at Cambridge competing for the uni lightweights, and also plan to row college bumps with Caius. None 20 March 2022, The Lightweight Boat Race, Putney to Mortlake, 6 seat, CUBC
26 March 2022, HORR, Mortlake to Putney, 6 seat, CUBC
2 May 2022, BUCS regatta, Nottingham national watersport center, stroke of pair, CUBC
I've still rowed at nines throughout the year, but have not competed, and only taken sculls for training.

Awaiting confirmation of whether Cameron was J18 in 2018 event.  If yes then this is 2.5a.  If not then 2.6

9Jun22 - confirmed 2.5a.  Delegates review not required

St Neots Ellie Sadler 01 February 2022 2.5. Eligibility - Ellie raced for Star Club in January 2022 but after an allegation was made against the coach there she left and joined St Neots in February 2022 where she has been competing as a senior St Neots member since. Women's Head of River Race - 12th of March 2022 - Senior St Neots (W8+)
Nottingham City Regatta - 22nd of May 2022 - Senior St Neots (W4-)
Star January Head - 14th January 2022 - Senior Star Club (W8+) Ellie Sadler rowed at Bumps as a junior.  
St Neots Hannah Towns 03 May 2021 2.3 Seat Share n First Division - Hannah will be rowing in division 1 (W1) but she cannot race on Tuesday of Bumps as she will be attending her university graduation in Loughborough. Women's Head of River Race - 12th of March 2022 - Senior St Neots (W8+)
Nottingham City Regatta - 22nd of May 2022 - Senior St Neots - (W4-)
None Hannah's sub on Tuesday of Bumps will be Ava Gisonni or Jaione Echeveste.  
St Neots Tom Hurrell 30 June 2021 2.5 Eligibilty - Tom is planning to race for his college club (non CRA club - St Cuthberts Society Boat Club) later in the summer.  Tom is planning to race for St Neots at St Neots Regatta on 23-24th of July 2022 (Senior). Tom is planning to race for his college club at Durham Regatta on the 11-12th of June 2022 (Senior). Tom is in our M2 crew. He learnt to row with St Neots last summer (2021) before going back to university in Durham.  
Cambridge 99's Elizabeth Shelmerdine  01 July 2017 Rule 2.6 None None Submitted just in case as I am a recent graduate (last academic year but yet to graduate due to covid)

Additional confirmation regarding races requested

9Jun22 Elizabeth has not raced since 1st Jan 2022 and therefore does not require a dispensation

Cambridge 99's Tilly Ollerenshaw  01 September 2018 2.5a none BUCs regatta, 1st May, inter 2x and inter 8+, Nottingham for ULBC
Hammersmith Head, 27th February, for ULBC
WEHoRR, 12th March, for ULBC

Awaiting confirmation of whether Tilly was J18 in 2021 event.  If yes then this is 2.5a.  If not then 2.6

9Jun22 - confirmed 2.5a.  Delegates review not required

Cantabrigian Jennie Astley 01 July 2019 Rule 2.6 None (away at college) Wehorr, Torpids, Henley 4s and 8s for Wolfson College, Oxford Jennie has been a full-time member of Cantabs since 2019 and rowed with us in the town Bumps in 2021. This year she has been undertaking a masters degree at St Cross College, Oxford but she is now back in Cambridge and rowing with he Club again. Were it not for the pandemic, Jennie would have also rowed for Cantabs in the 2020 Bumps and would therefore be eligible under Rule 2.5a.. We would ask the Delegates to give her a dispensation to avoid her being penalised for events out of her control - namely the pandemic.  
Cantabrigian Chiara Avancini 01 May 2019 Rule 2.3 Seat Share in First Division N/A N/A Chiara's availability to row in the Bumps will depend on her lab commitments which we will not know until nearer the time. We would therefore ask the Delegates to allow her to seat share with another Cantabs rowing, if she finds she cannot row every night.  
Cantabrigian Becca Hatton 01 September 2020 Rule 2.6 None Head of the Cam for Downing Alumni Becca has rowed at Cantabs since 2020 and rowed for us regularly in 2021 including in last year's Bumps. Since January she has been undertaking the second part of her law conversion and has therefore not been able to row regularly.  She did sub into her college alumni crew on a single occasion, and we would therefore ask the delegates to give her a dispensation to row so that she is not penalised for her work commitments.  
Cantabrigian Aimee Esra Ugur 01 March 2018 Rule 2.6 None BUCS Head & Regatta and Henley Women's for UEA Aimee learnt to row with Cantabs in 2018 as a junior whilst at Hills Road SFC. She took part in the second of the two Learn To Row courses we run for them each academic year. Because she was in the second course, she was not competent enough to row in the Bumps that year. She was, we are pleased to report, inspired to continue rowing at UEA and has since rowed for them during term and for us during the holidays. Although originally a junior with us, she did not have the opportunity to gain the one year's Bumps experience that would have meant she qualified. We would ask the delegates to grant her a dispensation so that she is not penalised for this timing issue.  
Cantabrigian Eve Caroe 01 January 2015 Rule 2.6 None Quintin Head, Wallingford Regatta, Met Regatta, Henley Women's Regatta, Henley Royal Regatta for Thames RC Eve is from Cambridge and was a Cantabs junior and senior rower whilst studying at Cambridge. Eve raced Town Bumps for Cantabs as both a junior and a senior. She is currently studying for a postgraduate degree at the Crick Institute in London. Her lab schedules and the location of where she lives make it impossible for her to row for a university club. So instead she has chosen to row for Thames Rowing Club while she completes her studies. She isn't eligible for Town Bumps under the clause 2.5a because the club she is currently rowing for isn’t a university club. Eve is very much a town rower and we believe this application is very much in the spirit of the rules, as a special circumstance of the 2.5a exception. This is the same request we made for Eve last year as her situation remains exactly the same. The Delegates saw fit to grant her a dispensation last year and we would ask that they do so again this.   
Cantabrigian Tara Bauerman 01 December 2021 Rule 2.6 None Oxford CIty Bumps, BUCS Regatta, Summer Eights, Henley Women's Regatta for St Catherine's College, Oxford Tara is from Cambridge but did not learn to row until she joined St Catherine's College, Oxford this year as an undergraduate. She now rows with her College during term and with Cantabs during the university holidays. Tara is therefore a town rower by residence and we would ask the delegates to grant her a dispensation to avoid her being penalised simply because she did not take up the sport until she went to university.  
Cantabrigian Phil Gunning 01 June 1998 Rule 2.6 None (as living away) Shrewsbury Regatta 7th - 8th May for Loughborough Boat Club Phil is a life member of Cantabs, a Cantabs committee member and our BR entries secretary. He has actively rowed for town clubs since 1998 (1998-1999 Free Press; 2000-2001 ‘99s; 2002-2021 Cantabs. He has raced in every town bumps from 1998 to 2021. He had planned to row with Cantabs in the 2022 Vesta Head but the crew did not materialise. He is currently living away from Cambridge due to work commitments, and has joined Loughborough Boat Club so that he can continue to row. He has just started to race with them but intends to continue to race with Cantabs in select races over the coming year (Winter Head, Xmas Head) as work commitments allow. Phil is the epitome of a Cambridge Town Rower. We hope the Delegates will recognise this commitment to the Town Bumps and rowing and grant this dispensation in case Phil races for Loughborough RC on more than two occasions. This is the same request we made for Phil last year and his situation remains unchanged. The Delegates saw fit to grant him a dispensation last year and we would hope they will do so again this.  
Cantabrigian David Richardson 01 January 1995 Rule 2.6 13/3/22 Winter League 3 Cam MasE, 30/4/22 Cambridge H2H Cam MasE for Cantabs HORR and possibility of Mays for Wolfson David is a long term member of Cantabs and has rowed regularly for us in the Bumps. Since retiring he has started a part-time MPhil at Wolfson College this year and next. He was asked to row as a last minute sub for  the College at HORR to ensure they took part.  They have similarly asked him to play the backup role for their Mays crew in case they have a Covid drop out etc. Despite this, David has been a town rower for many years, and we hope the delegates will grant him a dispensation in case he has to step in for Wolfson again. Bumps committee have advised that if race Mays David is not eligible for consideration
Cantabrigian Emma Siragher 01 January 2014 Rule 2.6 None (due to injury) Spring Regatta for Corpus Christi and possibly Mays Emma is a long term Cantabs member who rowed for us in the Bumps every year since 2014 with the single exception of 2018 when she was injured but still filled many of our marshalling slots. She has only recently returned to rowing after another injury. She is currently in the third year of her studies at Corpus Christi but has always chosen to row with Cantabs rather than her college. But this year the college has a severe shortage of stroke side rowers and so she subbed into their W1 boat for the Spring Regatta. They have asked her to also sub into their boat in the May Bumps. We would ask the delegates to recognise that she has a proven record of choosing to row with Cantabs rather than her college, and allow her a dispensation if she helps them out this year.  Bumps committee have advised that if race Mays Emma is not eligible for consideration
Cantabrigian Rachel Barton 01 April 2022 Rule 2.6 None (as living away) Warrington Head of the Mersey, BUCS Head, WEHORR, BUCS Regatta, Peterborough Regatta, Durham Regatta for Leeds University Rachel is from Cambridge but didn't learn to row until this season as a fresher with the University of Leeds.   She now rows with her University during term and with Cantabs during the university holidays. She is therefore a town rower by residence and we would ask the delegates to grant her a dispensation to avoid her being penalised simply because she did not take up the sport until she went to university.  
Cantabrigian Jess Allen 01 May 2022 Rule 2.6 None (as living away) Gloucester Spring Head, BUCS Regatta for Plymouth University Jess is from Cambridge but didn't learn to row until this season as a fresher with the University of Leeds, and to sweep row until April. She now rows with her University during term and with Cantabs during the university holidays. She is therefore a town rower by residence and we would ask the delegates to grant her a dispensation to avoid her being penalised simply because she did not take up the sport until she went to university.  
Chesterton Miranda  Hermione Lucy Connolley 01 June 2022 2.6 None University torpids, M4. Summer 8's, W3 boat. Magdalen college Oxford. Miranda is the daughter of one of our longest standing rowers. She briefly rowed at the Perse school and has since rowed for Magdalen college, Oxford, in a men's fourth "beer boat" and a women's third "beer boat". She would likely be a sub, or possibly row in our lowest men's boat. Going on her record, she'll be mostly at the beer tree.  
Rob Roy George Bourne  01 February 2016 Rule 2.6 - George has been training with TSS and trialling for GB None  GB trials, representing TSS - 13 Feb George raced bumps in 2017, then didn't race Bumps due to GB selection and then cancellation in 2020, but was planning to do so. Has long supported the club, since joining and wants to contribute to the club that has given him so much help in his rowing career.  


The following dispensations requests have been removed:

Laura Blenkam (Cantabs) - has raced Lents and therefore not eligible

Matt Simpson (City) - will be racing Mays and therefore not eligbile 

Edward Gaskarth (Nines) - 2.5a, approval not required

Odelette Tang (Nines) - currently does not need a dispensation, however if choses to row Mays then Odelette becomes inelgible for CRA Town Bumps in 2022

Cameron Mackenzie (Nines) - 2.5a, approval not required

Elizabeth Shelmerdine (Nines) - has not raced and therefore does not need dispensation

Tilly Ollerenshaw (Nines) - 2.5a, approval not required

Bumps Results 2019

Coxing Examples


This document contains some examples of coxing and bank partying during CRA town bumps.  The bumps committee and coxing reps are using these as examples to help coxes for future events and are in no way intending to offend the crews or coxes involved.  Please contact the bumps committee if you have any questions


Past Town Bumps

Drone 2016:
At 1:29 - good post-bump crew reaction - good control from coxes
At 1:43 - how close a following crew might be after you’ve bumped out
At 2:47 - 1st post reach - 2 bumps happening and blocking the river with a crew coming up behind. We don’t see what happens/how quickly they get cleared but you can see that a lot of decisions need to made in a short space of time and how important it is to keep control of your crew AT ALL TIMES.


2018 MDiv2 crash at First post - City M7 boat sandwiched by a crew who didn’t look ahead:  ttps:// 

City M7 DO NOT ROW ON but pull in very quickly and the City M8 bow is caught inside their stern. 
The City M8 cox tries to get their 7 seat to back it down, but the bow is now caught under the concrete overhang.
Despite the shouts from the Bank, the chasing Champs boat does not stop. They hold it hard about two strokes off City M8. It looks like from the video that they had been bumped as a hand goes up. You can see what happens. The Cantabs boat chasing them ALSO doesn’t stop and then ploughs into the strokeside blades of City 8, hitting the cox. The Champs boat is impaled on the 7 rigger of City 8.
Firstly – let’s all be grateful that no one was hurt.
So – what should have happened?
1) The Acknowledgement could have been out to the side and much more definite
2) City M7 could have rowed on until they were well out of the way –– stopping rowing and pulling in immediately gave City M8 no where to go
3) The bank party weren’t quick enough to get off their bikes and pull City M8 in / get their stern out from under the concrete
4) Champs should have easied much sooner and should CERTAINLY not have been going for the inside of the corner. (From the 99s perspective from opposite the Champs cox didn’t look ahead at all in spite of 3 crews and coxes shouting at them to watch out. There is a failure by the BPs here too to make the cox aware of what was ahead.
5) Cantabs ditto – if they had held it hard with their bow on Champs’s stern (which they should have done) how come they were still going past City on the strokeside side?

The key lesson from this is that one member of the bank party MUST be with the cox and letting them know what is going on. Bank parties are there to keep people safe. This whole thing unfolded in around 15 seconds – prompt and decisive action is needed. Many of the things that happened in this video (pulling in quickly, assuming people will get out of the way) happen every Bumps, and nothing comes of it. Unfortunately, when you put them all together in a sequence like this, it’s dangerous and could really have hurt someone.


Town Bumps 2012 Wednesday M2
(Bumps can be WET!)
An example of how little time there is to make decisions but when it all goes well, everything happens in the right order and racing isn’t impeded.
In first 2 mins-ish you can see how close crews can be to each other without a bump happening by the Plough
At 2:37 - 4 crews all in contact/have cover by Grassy. There is a poor concession from 32 (outside hand on outside of corner so following cox would not have been able to see it). Crew 33 cox goes for impact that could have gone quite wrong - luckily it works out well as both 33 and 32 are on the far side of the river. Cox 34 takes a good tight line so is well clear when 32/33 bump out and stop rowing. This also shows how important it is to keep the line before the Plough (when you don’t have to make contact to get the bump).


Town Bumps Tues 2015 - WDiv3 -
An example of how quickly racing can go from clear run to chaos across the river and through the speed at which things happen compared to the speed at which you can steer a slow boat.
Basically Radegund were very slow and then hit First Post corner skewing them. The boat that bumped them pushed them straight across First Post into the gut.

The crews behind then get caught up in it all with Robs making it around (just) and Cantabs behind them going straight into the bank at the holt. The coxes maintain their control and keep their crews rowing until they clear the river so the following crews arrive as the river clears. The following crews row through ok but Nines don’t know that they’ve actually bumped the Cantabs crew who are parked on the bank as they are racing through. We can’t see what happened but we do know that Cantabs appealed to Race Control about being impeded and were awarded a row over while Nines were bumped by the crew behind. You may not get awarded a row over but it is important to take any appeals, issues, concerns AND YOUR BUMP to race control (get your BP to do it - only park up near the beer tree if you have been told to by Marshals!)


2011 Mens Div1 -
At 1:00 - A good example of how two experienced crews can still get it wrong. City are bumping Nines on the inside of Grassy. The City cox was fined for not stopping soon enough when they bumped and you can see the Nines cox swivelled in their seat shouting that they have conceded. It’s really important that your bank party lets you know if the crew in front has acknowledged. If you are in this position don’t be afraid to ensure you have the most visible hand up and out to the side (change hands if you have to and can do so safely), turn your cox box up and tell the chasing crew you’ve acknowledged but also keep control of your crew and keep them rowing until you are free of the other boat.
At 3:00 a crew goes wide around the corner and are caught by the chasing crew. The cox concedes very late (looks like they have considerable overlap) and ends up back in the middle of the river impeding the crew behind the one who bumped them. Luckily, that impeded crew looks like the last crew in the division so it doesn’t seem to cause a disaster but if the bumped cox had held control of the direction of their boat, conceded earlier and stayed in charge of their crew they would have been able to safely park up with little impact on the crew not involved on their bump.

Don’t forget, the last crew racing still have a chance at an over-bump and it’s not your job to decide if they can make it or not. Stay in control of your crew, concede clearly and in reasonable time and clear the river quickly.

Bumps Results 2017