Winter League 2020

2020 dates are as follows:


2020 Competitor Instructions can be downloaded here: Competitor Instructions 2020

Div 1: 09:00
Div 2: 10:40
Div 3: 12:20
Div 4: 14:00


March Draw is available here: Winter League Draw

ENTRIES are invited for all boat types and age groups but will be limited to 50 crews per division for safety reasons. In keeping with the original aim of the event, priority will be given to crews entering and paying for all three legs in advance. All other crews will be placed on a waiting list until the entries have closed, when available spaces will be offered to crews in the order in which their entries are received.

2020: In the interest of fair and equal racing we will allocating divisions based on your race Category. As far as possible please plan to race in these divisions.  Categories not in the table below will be aligned to divisions based on availability.

Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4  
8+ 1x 4+/-/x 2x/2- Mens Champ
8+ 2x/2- 1x 4+/-/x Womens Champ
1x 8+ 2x/2- 4+/-/x Mens Club
4+/-/x 2x/2- 8+ 1x Womens Club
2x/2- 4+/-/x 1x 8+ Mens Novice
4+/-/x 1x 8+ 2x/2- Womens Novice
2x/2- 8+ 1x 4+/-/x Mens Mas (A-D)
8+ 4+/-/x 2x/2- 1x Mens Mas (E+)
2x/2- 4+/-/x 1x 8+ Womens Mas

If you have any further division preferences/requirements please complete the section in the entry form and we will do our best to accomodate the requests.

2020 ENTRY FEES £8 per seat, £7 if payment for all 3 legs is received by 9pm 11th January (e.g. £168 for an 8 for all 3 legs if paid by 9pm 11th January).  Refunds will not be given to crews scratched after the draw has been made.

PRIZES Engraved Prizes will be awarded to winners of categories with three or more entries, based on total times for all three legs.

Trophies will be awarded for Fastest Championship Mens VIII, Fastest Championship Womens VIII, Fastest Championship Mens 1x, Fastest Championship Womens 1x

THE WINTER LEAGUE is only open to clubs affiliated or co-opted to the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association.

THE CRA AFFILIATION FEE OF £25.00/CO-OPTION FEE OF £12 MUST BE PAID WITH THE ENTRY Clubs will only be able to race if the fee has been paid prior to the event


CHEQUES TO: Jess Upton, 35 Mariners Way, Cambridge CB4 1BN
(Cheques payable to "Cambridgeshire Rowing Association")
(BACS payment possible. Please request bank details with entry)

ENTRY INFO REQUIRED: Name of club, person making entry, contact telephone number, crews to be entered, preferred division times (inc. 2nd pref. if possible), boat-share & doubling up info. BR registration numbers NOT required.

Online Entry Form will be available from Saturday 28th December 2019 

We request all entries are made using the online form.

We will be continuing with new race categories used in 2018 and 2019. The entry form will require you to submit both your 'Old' BR Category and your 'New' Category

Race Categories for 2020: Sweep and Sculling are separate status.

  • Championship - highest category: aimed at crews who will be racing off-cam at National events this season. (See notes below)
  • Club A - average more than 2 BR or CRA event wins in last 24 months (head race or regatta) who are below Championship level
  • Club B - average less than 2 BR or CRA event wins in last 24 months (head race or regatta) on or off cam
  • Novice - Maximum of 2 members of the crew have won a BR or CRA event (head race or regatta) before 1st September 2019.  If you have ever competed at Henley Royal Regatta or Henley Womens Regatta you may not enter the novice category for CRA events.


  • A crew may always enter a higher category than that for which they are qualified
  • The status of a crew as at close of entries (9PM ON SAT 11 JANUARY 2020) will apply for all 3 legs of the winter league, assuming the personnel don't change
  • No substitutions that will take the crew into a higher category are allowed without the crew changing status or racing Time Only
  • Should any category have more than 8 entries the organiser reserves the right to expand the categories (e.g Club A, Club B, Club C or Novice and Beginner).
  • Should a category have 2 or fewer entries the organiser reserves the right to combine categories to create meaningful competition.
  • Masters and Junior Events will be determined by age.  Championship/Club/Novice does not apply to Masters or Juniors.


6PM SATURDAY 28 DECEMBER 2019 for CRA affiliated clubs in eights, octopules, fours and quads
6PM SATURDAY 4 JANUARY 2020 for CRA affiliated clubs in double/pairs and singles
If any spare capacity entries open 6PM WEDNESDAY 8 JANUARY 2020 for those clubs eligible to co-opt to the CRA

In order to manage entries crew boats are asked to only enter one division i.e. no doubling up.

Any entries received before the appropriate time will be deleted unread.  Online Entry Form (available from 6pm 28th December 2019)


Numbers, results, refreshments and snacks may be obtained at the City of Cambridge Rowing Club.

The Winter League is organised for the Cambridgeshire Rowing Association by members of the City of Cambridge Rowing Club and the X-Press Boat Club

This event will be run in accordance with British Rowing's Rowsafe Code of Practice.