93rd Annual Eight Oared Time Race

Thursday 4th July 2024 at 7.45 pm

COURSE: From Red Post downstream of The Plough (nearest post to Grassy Corner), to seat before end of Towpath (downstream of “Pike & Eel”)

DISTANCE: 1,500 Metres

START TIME: 7.45pm (Crews should be beyond The Plough by 7.30pm).

CREW NUMBERS: Collect from CRA Kimberley Road boathouse from 6.00pm


DRAW is now available HERE  


RESULTS are now available




Historically this race is independent of the Bumps. For crews that have not entered the Bumps
previously, the Bumps Committee may use their performance in the Time Race to seed them
into the Bumps.

Glass Tankards will be awarded to:

MEN: FASTEST- Eight, Novice Eight, Junior Eight and Masters Eight (Handicapped).

WOMEN: FASTEST - Eight, Novice Eight, Junior Eight and Masters Eight (Handicapped).

The Tankards may be awarded differently if there is only one crew in a category.

START: Please turn beyond the A14 Road Bridge and pull into the bank  before the start at the appropriate number.

Crews will be started at 30-second intervals and timed from the Red Post.

OVERTAKING: Crews should overtake on the left (Meadow Side)  Crews being overtaken must allow the overtaking crew to pass.

FINISH: The Finish Post will be positioned near the seat before the end of the towpath.

AFTER FINISH: After crossing the finish line keep moving upstream to your boathouse.


PRESENTATION: Presentation of glass tankards to the winning crews will be made outside the CRA Boathouse, Kimberley Road at 9.00 pm.


Entry Fee: £72 / eight (£9 / seat)



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