Rules for use of racks

• Boat racks may only be rented by CRA affiliated clubs or individuals who are members of CRA affiliated clubs.
• Boat racks are to be used only to store racing or training rowing boats.
• A rack rented by an individual must house a boat owned by that individual.
• A rack rented by a club must house boats owned by that club or boats owned by individuals who are members of that club.

Any rack that is used in a manner not fitting these rules, or that contains a boat that is not used for a significant period of time, must be given up on the instruction of the Secretary of the Boathouse Management Committee (BMC). If the individual or club to which the rack has been allocated do not wish to give up the rack, they can appeal against the decision to the Delegates at the next Delegates Meeting.


Rack Status
• Club Rented Racks
• Private Individual Rented Racks
• CRA Owned Boats

When a club rack becomes free the club should notify the Secretary of the BMC stating the date on which it will become available.
When a private renter wishes to give up the use of a rack he/she should notify the Secretary of the BMC stating the date on which it will become available.

Rack Rents

Rent to be paid by 31 January and relate to the CRA financial year which runs from 1st October to 30th September. Rack rents not paid by this date may require the club or individual renting the rack to give it up. Where a club or individual is allocated or gives up a rack mid-way through a year, the rack rent will be charged/refunded on a full month pro rata basis.

VIII £350.00 pa
IV £247.00 pa
Pairs/Doubles £175.00 pa
Sculls £122.00 pa
Rack rents may be reviewed at the CRA AGM.

Allocation of Free Racks

When a rack becomes free for any reason, the BMC will invite, using the usual CRA communication mechanisms, clubs or individuals to apply to rent that rack, and to provide justification as to why they should be allocated it. The Delegates will then review these applications at the next Delegates meeting and allocate that rack to which ever club or individual they believe best merits it.

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